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A sweet Valentine’s Day shop

It being Valentine’s Day, I paid a visit this morning to our local baker /confectioner / prepared food purveyor.  Sucré Salé, located in Manotick’s east in a small strip mall off the Rideau River  has been in business for about a decade and although I’ve always been very impressed when ever I shop there, I did wonder how they would survive in this rural wilderness far from the centre of the action in downtown Ottawa.  However, survive they have, and indeed they have thrived. Continue reading


Cool Runnings

Long Island lock near Manotick in winter

A recent warm spell which followed a relentless deluge of snow over the past three weeks had me itching to head outside with my runners on, and it got me thinking about the joys of winter running. Since mid-December we’ve received about 76 cm (30 inches) of snow here in the Manotick area, and the banks at the edge of the road are piled higher than my shoulder in places.  My suburban street is designated third priority for plowing, so the surface of it is still quite snowy, making walking or running feel more like you’re on a soft, sandy beach than a road.  But this day launched with a sparkly sunlight, the light almost bright enough to hurt your eyes.  The just-above-freezing temperature, with a light wind, was perfect for a snowy run, not too cold to make it uncomfortable and that wind helping keep things cool after you got going.  Continue reading

A page in a career

English: Steacie Science and Engineering Libra...

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Every time I walk into my local Manotick branch of the Ottawa Public Library, I’m reminded of my first job, as a page in a library.  The Manotick branch is just about the smallest library I’ve ever seen, including the small branch I used to work at as a teenager in Toronto.  But of course, that doesn’t matter because like every public library system and the reason everyone should love and support their library, it provides you access to any publication in the system with an easy on-line reservation system.

I parlayed my love of reading to a job as a library page at age fourteen – it was the only retail job you could get at that age, and paid the princely sum of $2.15 per hour.  As I recall we worked 10 – 14 hours a week, depending on whether it was summer or school was in session.  The library staff was populated with a set of quirky, but generally amiable biddies (there were no men) of which, Mrs. Murphy the head librarian was the most formidable.  Like her name implies, she was Irish, and a redhead with a temper to match.  She tended to wear bracelets dangling with charms that jingled and jangled increasingly as she became more vexed with some perceived infraction of page or, occasionally, patron.  We learned to stay out of her way. Continue reading


January 17, 2011

Photo credit: Jeremy Jenum

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts you’ll know that I recently completed my first triathlon.  That exercise got me back on bicycle for the first time in over 15 years, and I loved the feeling of motion with the wind in your face.  But as winter approached, I knew I needed a way to keep it up without having to face the perils of an Ottawa winter.  So luckily for me, I found  my local yoga studio offered a series of SpinFit classes.

This fitness studio is a great example of a local business success.  I have to admit when I saw another studio go into the spot in our local mall, I was not optimistic; we have seen small gyms come and go — it seemed that none had found a winning formula that catered to the community in a way that resulted in a profitable business.  But the ladies at Maitreya have proved me wrong. Continue reading