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Fitness Apps I love

Since my attempt, after half a century, to become a runner, I’ve also been looking for ways to integrate my love of mobile technology into my fitness regime.  There are no end of applications out there to help you with your fitness goals; here’s a look at my favourite ones – and because I’m allergic to paying for apps, these are all FREE.  I myself use an Android device for a mobile phone, but also have a wifi iPad for tracking training at home.

Running Apps

When I first started running I kind of snickered at all the GPS freaks at training runs that seemingly could never start a run on time because they were cursing at their watches while “waiting for satellites”.  But I’ve grown to appreciate the benefit of automatic tracking and it certainly is useful to have all your training data captured in one spot in the cloud. Continue reading


Dumbing down the newspaper

PaywallWith much flourish and a quite beautiful marketing campaign, my newspaper recently introduced a paid on-line option, following over the pay wall such esteemed titles such as The Wall Street Journal and The Times. As an iPad owner, I was keen to experience the paper’s digital version with new “subscriber-only” content, and explore both the web- and tablet-based experiences. But after a few days, I returned to my paper version. There’s something unfortunate that happens in the transition from paper to digital, and it isn’t good news for newspapers; the very rendering of content in today’s digital formats serves to dumb it down. Or so it appears to me.

There are three reasons I can see for this. Firstly, in appearing on-line, paper copy gets tarred by the Internet’s brush. Our writing quality expectations are lower for the Internet; everyone’s a journalist on-line, no one has an editor to remind them their piece is nonsensical, belligerent, boring, or imagine that, spelt imperfectly. And while this isn’t to say there is no good quality writing on the web, it is just so overwhelmed by the volumes of bad stuff.  We’re used to the poor quality on-line and expect nothing more; I assert in fact that we judge in advance based on medium. Continue reading